Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Most Motivational Speaker You'll Ever Hear!

I'm not one who is prone to exaggeration, so believe me when I say that Tom Beal is absolutely, without a doubt, the MOST motivational speaker I've ever heard in my entire life! Period. I recently had the pleasure of hearing him speak at Mike Filsaime's 2007 Figure Business Workshop. So you can imagine how delighted I was to discover that I can listen to him as often as I want on audio. No more long, boring drives to work for me! I just pop in one of his audios and enjoy the ride.
You can too, by clicking below!!

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1 comment:

TomBeal said...

Reply from Melbourne, AU:

I appreciate your kind words Dorothea. It was an absolute pleasure having you and your daughter at the worskshop.

Now I look forward to seeing your results in 2007 and beyond on your journey to success that you desire and deserve.

This is your year...make the most of it...and let me know how I can assist you on your journey.

Talk soon!
Tom Beal